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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is the number-one way to improve the interior of your home. Updating appliances, countertops, and cabinets is just the start; let us show you how we can improve the functionality and style of your kitchen. Our goal is to take your ideas and offer up our ideas, which are based on years of experience, to create a kitchen that works precisely as you need it to.

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Kitchen Design

Remodeling the kitchen requires a series of design, material, and color decisions on your behalf. We can help you make those tough decisions, but ultimately the choice for each will be yours. Some of the important decisions you will need to make include:

  • Storage: How much storage will you need in your newly remodeled kitchen? Do we need to include storage for small appliances or will they simply sit on the countertop or in the pantry? Do you need a pantry?
  • Shelving or Cabinets: Some homeowners choose open shelving instead of upper cabinets, opting only for lower cabinets. Do you prefer stock cabinetry or custom? Custom cabinetry needs to be ordered well-ahead of time so it’s ready when we need it.
  • Close up sink Countertop Material: Some of the most popular countertop materials include quartz, granite, soapstone, and marble. We’ll help you choose the best countertop material and color based on the way you plan to use it and the amount of maintenance you’re prepared to put forth.
  • Backsplash Material: The kitchen backsplash must be able to stand up to whatever splatters land on it, but it also needs to look amazing. We can help you choose a backsplash that stands out and grabs attention or one that blends well with the rest of the room.
  • Specific Storage for Specialty Items: Wine connoisseurs often want specific wine storage to keep their favorite wines at the perfect level of tastiness. Aspiring chefs enjoy having storage for all of the herbs and seasonings they use on a daily basis. Specific storage for small appliances, such as an appliance garage, may also be useful.
  • Built-in Items: Built-in cutting boards or hidden trash cans and recycling bins are wonderful additions to the kitchen. You may also consider toe-kick drawers for small items that are rarely used.
  • Types of Appliances: The type of appliances you choose will play a large role in the functionality of your kitchen. You know best how you use your kitchen. We expect you to voice your opinions in regards to the type of appliances that are installed. We wouldn’t want to install a professional grade double oven 8 burner range if you rarely cook, for example.

We don’t simply take your kitchen remodeling ideas and run with them; we pull you into the entire design process. We offer a full-service approach to all of our projects including kitchen remodeling. You will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our design team as we design your new kitchen to meet your individual needs.

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