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Addition Services

Lifestyles change, families grow, and personal tastes evolve. Any of these experiences can cause your home to no longer serve your needs in the way it used to.

Rather than leaving a property you love and have invested in—as well as a neighborhood and community you know well—you can add on to your Northern Virginia home to provide new functional and fulfilling space for the next chapter of your life. Silva Construction offers a wide range of remodeling services, which encompass home additions of all types and sizes.

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How Much Does an Addition Cost?

The cost of adding a home addition in Northern Virginia varies depending on the scope of work. One of the main factors that affect the cost of the addition is the type of space you’re creating and what it includes. For example, adding a kitchen or master bathroom—which both include significant electrical and plumbing work—is more expensive than adding a closet or even a basic bedroom. The price of your house addition also depends on the quality and grade of materials you use and if you are doing a custom design for the project. Premium finishes and deep foundations can increase the cost of your addition. Once we’ve completed your design and you’ve made your selections, we can provide you a detailed budget containing your home addition costs.

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First Floor Additions

Silva Construction can add space to your bottom floor in many ways, such as mudrooms, entryways, and storage space, but two types of rooms are especially well-suited as first floor additions: master bathrooms and kitchens.

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Kitchen Additions

You may need an extra kitchen downstairs if you’re adding extra space to accommodate multi-generational housing or an apartment-style dwelling for guests, renters, or live-in caretakers. Also, while expanding or bumping out your existing kitchen tends to be more common, sometimes the space can’t accommodate the reconfiguration you desire as a new kitchen addition would. Whatever your reason for adding or expanding your kitchen, we can help with both designing and constructing the new space.

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Master Bathroom Addition

En-suite master bathrooms are a highly appealing feature whether you’re planning to live in your home several more years or sell it. As homeowners grow older, they often desire a first-floor master bathroom that is easily accessible and full of amenities that enhance their personal comfort and enjoyment. We can add a master bathroom off any downstairs bedroom to help you convert the area into to your new, upgraded master bedroom.

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Second Story Additions

In some cases, building up is preferable to building out, especially if you are working with a smaller property or you’ve got your exterior space looking exactly as you want it. Among other home remodeling services, Silva Construction can add a second-story addition that blends in and becomes undistinguishable from the house itself. If your family is growing, you may want to add an extra bedroom and/or bathroom upstairs. You may also want a studio, home office, or other type of workspace to accommodate a career change or a new professional endeavor.

There are several types of second story additions to choose from, and we can help you figure out where your project fits best depending on the style and structure of your home in Northern Virginia.

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Sunroom Additions

At Silva Construction, we can also do sunroom additions for homeowners in Northern Virginia. Sunrooms typically cost between $150 to $200 per square foot and they tend to be smaller than a full-size house addition, making for an easier and more cost-effective project. Built off the side of your house, three-season sunrooms add a supplemental living area that generally can be closed off from the main living area. You can choose to have your sunroom constructed using a variety of materials, including pre-fabricated materials like thermal-resistant glass and aluminum or more sturdy, lasting materials like concrete and lumber.

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Finished Basements

Another way to add functional space to your home without necessarily adding much physical space is to transform a finished basement into a new room with a new purpose. Finished basements are versatile and can be the starting point for a variety of spaces, including:

  • Extra bedroom: If you have a growing family or want to host overnight guests more frequently, we can turn your finished basement into an extra bedroom that is comfortable and inviting.
  • Home Theater: Finished basements make excellent home theaters because they tend to be farther removed from other living spaces, especially bedrooms where people are sleeping. You can insulate your basement home theater to contain the noise, and the lack of windows is well-suited for watching movies and playing video games.
  • Entertaining Space: You can turn your finished basement into an entertaining space with a fireplace, built-in shelving, a casual dining area, a small bar, and/or a multitude of other architectural and design features.
  • Home Gym: If health and fitness are top priorities for you, a home gym may be an enticing space to add to your home. Little work is needed to convert a finished basement into a gym, although we can add any unique features to accommodate your specific needs and preferences.
  • Home Studio: Another common function assigned to a basement is that of a home studio for playing and/or recording music. As with a home theater, a home studio needs plenty of electrical outlets for plugging in the equipment you’ll be using.

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Home Offices

Our home addition services also include home offices, which are suitable for your first story or an upstairs area. Home offices can be as simple or complex as you desire. Some homeowners in Northern Virginia simply need a secluded area to set up their laptop and a few work-related items. Others may require extra space for supplies, file cabinets, and electronics. Once we get a sense of how you intend to use your home office, we can help you design a space that is tailored to your needs.

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Augmenting Your Northern Virginia Home

Like other renovation projects, home additions not only enhance your living space but increase its longevity by making your house more functional, comfortable, and accommodating for a longer period of time. At Silva Construction, we’ve been helping families in Northern Virginia communities invest in and add on to their beloved homes for nearly a decade. No matter what sort of home addition you need or envision, we can help you design and execute the project with quality workmanship and distinguished customer service.

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